AJORIN; Dancemetalphor is an exhibition exclusively showcasing 20 aesthetically pleasing metal sculptures from 5 outstanding, thought-provoking Nigerian metal sculptors time-served and worthy of attention. Notably, it is 1st of its kind organised by [a Nigerian Art Gallery] Thought Pyramid Art Centre; the cradle of art civilization in Nigeria. 

It is not uncommon to hear METAL ARTISTS being referred to like “regular welders” when they are completely undeserving of such comparison. In the same vein, it is not surprising that a lot of people label the sounds from the welding process as “noise”. 

Hence, the inspiration of AJORIN;Dancemetalphor which is a musical allegory that should not be seen as a reaction. Since we want to believe those who use aforementioned aphorisms are not stakeholders or art fanatics with sufficient understanding of arts. 

Nonetheless, AJORIN;Dancemetalphor should be seen as a proactive response to purify the reputation and future of this remarkable profession (METAL ART) from the tarnishing opinions such as the previously stated erroneous tags: “regular welders” and “noise”.

Thus, firstly, at Thought Pyramid Art Centre, we interpret the sounds from the sparkles, iron clanging, and electrons burning processes heard when a typical metal artist is creating: as a calming ambient music that you would find melodiously rhythmic only if you can listen and not just hear. 

Secondly, AJORIN; Dancemetalphor is born out of the increasing need to show people in the local art community that only METAL SCULPTORS can create distinctive METAL SCULPTURES/ARTS that are interesting and exciting, special and heavenly. It focuses on educating, re-orientating, and informing the public while simultaneously entertaining them.  

We couldn’t have done better than the group of: Steve Ekpensi, Fidelis Odogwu, Collins Abinoro,Dotun Popoola, and Adeola Balogun exhibiting at this contemporarily historical art event. 

Then, if you disagree, you are the reason this METAL ART exhibition uniquely hosted for METAL SCULPTORS have been put together. 

Therefore, AJORIN; Dancemetalphor METALWORK exhibition is an invitation for you to come closer, move freely, and have a practical contact with the end result created from the musically soothing and rhythmic welding process employed by these ingenious metal sculptors tagged by the layman as “noise”. 

Additionally, we hope this foremost exhibition purges metal art from polluting narratives such as METAL ARTISTS SUCCEED LATE if they even ever get noticed at all. Or sayings like WHEN THEY DO SUCCEED, IT IS SHORT-LIVED. Including the more scary adage that ALL METAL ARTISTS EVENTUALLY LOSE THEIR SIGHTS. 

As a frontrunner of art in Nigeria, we know the damages that would result from the continuous ignoring of these identified cliches. Also, we understand that it could destroy the value and respect METAL ARTISTS have worked to build over the years. 

Most importantly, we are concerned about the practicing young and emerging artists. Especially the talented ones who have chosen metal sculpture. 

Besides, as a curator, I would hate to see the incoming generation of METAL ARTISTS accept and believe that their career of choice is mundane, less valuable, and cannot be defended against commonplace sayings. 

AJORIN; Dancemetalphor  is an initiative we believe will sustain their loyalty, while also guarding, and guiding the next generation of artists in general. 

At AJORIN; Dancemetalphor, emerging Metal Sculptors get to be reminded of the initial reason they decided on METAL ART. We further believe that as they witness the outstanding 5 Iron Benders exhibit and experience the celebration of metal art development and acceptance in Nigeria, they would forever remain its disciples. We hope they will be motivated to stay true to their “Divine” calling. 

It is my utmost desire that other Nigerian (African) art galleries, artists, critics, and art collectors get inspired to join us in this journey to CHANGE THE NARRATIVES against METAL ART in Nigeria for Art’s sake. Because not much can be done without collective responsibility. 

Eventually, my greatest and biggest accomplishment will be that an individual without former knowledge of metal art decides to possess one of these mind boggling Metal Sculptures. It would mean even more to see art fanatics and stakeholders turn out en masse to appreciate these METAL ARTISTS, and their enthralling metalworks. 

Hopefully, after this exhibition we can all dare to genuinely commit ourselves to correcting the unfavorable information that have been created and shared concerning metal art and metal artists. 

We have started but more that we aim to achieve can only be sustained when we act as one.  

Most especially, the theme AJORIN; Dancemetalphor aims at spurring you to not just look. But see the metal sculptures as end products of rhythmic melodies rather than outcomes of a loud, disturbing, and unpleasant usual welding process. Or as creations of persons similar to ordinary welders.

We want you to experience the harmony of the pleasant sounds in the finished METAL SCULPTORS on display beyond the  perfectly irresistible shapes, colors, and textures visible from afar.  

Remember, the next generation of METAL ARTISTS would be observing. So, when you come for the AJORIN exhibition; it is our wish that you will Dancemetalphorically. 

On this note, we welcome your majestic presence in this one of a kind historical METAL SCULPTURE group exhibition.